A process of cooking directly on a smoldering log – utilizing the energy to simultaniously cook a dish and manufacture a vessel.
Whilst the food cooks, the fire eats a hole into the wood, creating a bowl with the same amount of energy and artisan dedication as it takes to create the meal. The cook and the craftsperson use blow tubes to direct the heat in the process.

Charred shoyu water melon with Koji infused Osso Collo in kimchi ketchup and roasted tomatos
Grilled aubergine in tomatoe, pepper and cucumber vinaigrette with samlet katsuobushi
King prawn in a bed of sweet pepper ceviche, fermented black apple and smoked rosmary

Cooking on reactor bowl brings us back to our primal origins as a species. The intense heat caramelizes sugars immediately and the smoke and roasting aromas enrich the taste. The evolving bowl captures and preserves the experience.

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